The smallest LTT laser still has the complete powerful functions as other LTT products.


The smallest LTT laser still has the complete powerful functions as other LTT products. V2000 has a working area 450(L) x 310(W)mm, and the working platform lifting height can handle 150 mm thick objects.

Perfect indoor use
Place Wherever You Like in Office or Classroom
Side Door Can be Opened
Compact size but can handle work bigger than itself

One Touch and Job Done

One Touch and Job Done

The self-developed software is easy to use and learn and completes the mission effortlessly in just one touch

Smart Control Center

Smart Control Center

Through the machine control center, users can easily change the parameters during job setup

Pin-Type Auto Focus Sensor System

Pin-Type Auto Focus Sensor System

Autofocus system lets you focus without any burden

Get More Than You Think

. The Best Choice for Both Budget and Performance
. Small-Size Without Losing the Powerful Features
. Easy to Learn and Smoothy to Operate

Powerful Software is The Soul of The LTT Machines

. Parameters Setting Within the Graphic Softwares You Use, i.e. CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Freeware GIMP.
. One-Click and Job Completed
. Control Air-Assist and Fume Extraction With LTT Software
. Perfect Image Mode Engraving Features

More Features For You to Explore!!

Engraving Graph On Wine Glass
Engraving Graph On Wine Glass
Rotary Device Appearance
Rotary Device Appearance

Rotary Device - Ideal for Dealing Non-Planar Objects

4 Line LCD panel, Easy to operate
4 Line LCD panel, Easy to operate
Rear side for Facility exhaust
Rear side for Facility exhaust

  • Dimension (L x W x H)680 x 665 x 435 mm
  • Working Area (L x W)450 x 310 mm
  • Net / Gross Weight68 kgs / 100 kgs
  • Max. Working Height150 mm
  • Max Engraving Speed1524mm/sec (60”/sec)
  • Auto FocusStandard
  • Red Beam pointerStandard
  • USB Connecting PortStandard
  • Control Panel(Keypad+LCD Display)Standard
  • Emergency Stop ButtonStandard
  • Laser Power SwitchKey Switch or Rocker Button
  • Soft-Close HingeStandard
  • Exchangeable Lens ModuleStandard
  • InterlockStandard
  • Stepping MotorStandard
  • Power Available30W/60W
  • Laser Type SelectableMetal/Ceramic
  • Cooling SystemAir / Water Cooling
  • Wavelength10.6 μm / 9.3μm
  • 1.5" F.L. Focus LensStandard
  • 2.0" F.L. LensOption
  • 2.5" F.L. LensNot Available
  • 4.0" F.L. LensNot Available
  • Beam ExpanderOption
  • Up to Windows 10 Compatible and Most Windows Base Graphic Software ApplicableStandard
  • Set Power and Speed by ColorStandard
  • Set Pulse per Inch by ColorUp to 1000 PPI
  • Set Offset to Object by ColorStandard
  • Set De-Focus Height by ColorStandard
  • Engraving ResolutionOn Demand
  • "Joint Curve" for Arc Cutting Power Control with SpeedStanard
  • "Half Tone" Up to 6 Different Modes to Process Photo Image EngravingStandard
  • Rubber Stamp Engraving Shaping SettingStandard
  • 3D EngravingStandard
  • "Black and White" Mode EngravingStandard
  • "Image Mirror Mapping" Mode EngravingStandard
  • Setting Engraving Direction From Upward or DownwardStandard
  • Setting Starting Point at Any LocationStandard
  • FUME EXTRACTION and Air-Assist
  • Numbers of 4" Pipe and 250 CFM Air FlowRequiredOne
  • I/O Device Given Signal to Control Fume Extractor/Vacuum Pump/Air Compressor/Air BlowerOption
  • Computer Controlled Air Assist On/Off (By color control)Option
  • Aluminum Plate Cutting TableStandard
  • Honeycomb/Steel Grid Insert Cutting TableOption
  • Honeycomb/Grid Insert Cutting Table with Vent Duct and Debris Collecting DrawerOption
  • Slate TableOption
  • Rotary AttachmentOption
  • Rubber Stamp Engraving FixtureOption
  • Fire DetectorOption
  • Regulatory complianceMeet CDRH Class I, EU RoHS Directives and CE Certified
  • Working Environment Temperature15 ~ 35°C (58 ~ 86°F)
  • Door sides for material handlingLeft/Right/Front
Material Compatibility

The following table shows materials that can be engraved or cut.(This is sample text.)

  • PET CuttingVV
  • Embroidery CuttintVV
  • Glass engravingVV
  • Wooden engravingVV
  • Rubber Stamp engravingVV
  • Paper fabrics cuttingVV
  • Marble engravingVV