SLC Series


Widely used in the optical film industry including,Color Filter Film,Polarizer Film,PET Film,PMMA Film,ASF Film,OCA,Diffuser Film,PI Film,

The Most Popular Film Cutting Series in Japan, Korea, China
All Series Use THK Ball Screw Linear Motion Systems
Use world-renowned CCD system-Cognex
Getting More Attention and Use in Bezel-Less TV Polarizer Cutting
Perfect for film cutting in both cut-thru and kiss-cut applications.

One Touch and Job Done

One Touch and Job Done

The self-developed software is easy to use and learn and completes the mission effortlessly in just one touch

Smart Control Center

Smart Control Center

Through the machine control center, users can easily change the parameters during job setup

Pin-Type Auto Focus Sensor System

Pin-Type Auto Focus Sensor System

Autofocus system lets you focus without any burden

Machine Vision Makes Precisive Relocation

. Find any pre-defined mark
. Find the second mark and calculate the cutting path
. Re-rotate and cut

Powerful Software is The Soul of The LTT Machines

.Built-in AUTOCCD software help mark-recognition; then cut
. Teaching machine easily
. Customer-made lighting help recognition


The following table is a specification sheet for the LTT laser machine with all specifications and parameters.(this is smaple text)

  • SLC-M1250 x 1132 x 1296 mm
  • SLC-M+1295x 1132 x 1500 mm
  • SLC-D2+1765 x 1660 x 2185 mm
  • Working Area(L) x (W) mm
  • SLC-M600 x 500 mm
  • SLC-M+600 x 600 mm
  • SLC-D2+1000 x 730 mm
  • Working Areawith CCD (L) x (W) mm
  • SLC-M540 x 495 mm
  • SLC-M+550 x 595 mm
  • SLC-D2+945 x 725 mm
  • Gross Weight(kgs)
  • SLC-M400
  • SLC-M+440
  • SLC-D2+600
  • Electric Power
  • SLC-MAC 220V, single phase, 25A
  • SLC-M+AC 220V,single phase, 30A
  • SLC-D2+AC 220V, single phase, 30A
  • Motor and Axis Driven System
  • SLC-MServo Motor,Ball Screw Actuator
  • SLC-M+Servo Motor,Dual Y Axis Rails, Ball Screw Actuator
  • SLC-D2+Servo Motor,Dual Y Axis Rails, Ball Screw Actuator
  • PC & Touch Monitor
  • SLC-M+Industrial PC & 17” Touch Panel Monitor
  • SLC-D2+Industrial PC & 17” Touch Panel Monitor
  • Standard Features
  • Pneumatic RequirementClean dry air with 6kg/cm2, φ8mm tube.
  • Z-axis movement50 mm
  • Auto Focus PinStandard
  • Read Beam pointerStandard
  • Beam ExpanderStandard
  • Max Cutting Speed400 mm/sec (Max)
  • Air-Cooled or Water Cooled Laser Tube30W/60W/100W (9.3um,10.6um are available)
  • Computer ConnectivityUSB Port
  • Precision±0.05 mm
  • Repeatability±0.02 mm
  • Environment Requirement15 ~ 35°C (58 ~ 86°F)
  • Optional Accessories
  • CCD Pixel640 x 480
  • CCD Field of ViewAround 12mmx 9mm
  • Cutting table
  • Aluminum cutting table
  • Honeycomb cutting table with duct
  • Custom-made Cutting Table
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Exhaust Blower
  • Fume Extractor
Material Compatibility

The following table shows materials that can be engraved or cut.(This is sample text.)

  • PET CuttingVV
  • Embroidery CuttintVV
  • Glass engravingVV
  • Wooden engravingVV
  • Rubber Stamp engravingVV
  • Paper fabrics cuttingVV
  • Marble engravingVV